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Leathernecks (LMCI) Peacemaker Chapter

Welcome to the finest, cleanest smelling, filthiest talking M/C this side of Houston Texas

Leathernecks Originals Peacemaker

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About Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International

The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International, Inc. (LMCI) remains a traditional Motorcycle Club comprising components of United States Marines and Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen. Although there are many that use the same logo, and name, we are the ORIGINALS with chapters across the USA. We are in no way affiliated with the Leathernecks Nation, MC Leathernecks, or the Confederation of Leathernecks Motorcycle Club. Peacemaker is one of the Texas LMCI chapters.

Aloha 12's
Peacemaker in HI